Love Please Save Me..

You turned me over love

You are a path to the heart that knows it own way
You dazzle me with your bright shinning star
And leave your prints on me
You know not your own depth until the hour of separation
You Leave me low and torn
You gut me open with your big claws
You drive me to the ends of the world
Then leave me stranded with no way to get back
Meeting you in my dreams is only torture
Because then i awake reaching for you to no avail
Love why do you wound me so bad?

53 thoughts on “Love Please Save Me..

  1. Wow — does this turn dark with that third line. Very full of power and emotion! Really enjoyed.

    Sorry for not visiting in a while as been on vacation (used up what little time I had today posting vacation photos on facebook — no internet connection last few weeks (had auto-scheduled my posts at and cannot access WordPress at work — so will do my best to visit when I can on weekends.)

  2. Are you okay? This was your last post and I haven’t seen you around until I saw a couple likes from you today. I’ve been to sick to realize it until now, sorry! I’m worried about you though. Are you just busy or is something wrong? You can e-mail or just leave me a reply if busy is the answer 🙂 hugs and smooches, mom

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