Lovers Everlastingly…

Look where we are and what we have been through

Sharing our dreams and fantasies
When i walked into your life, i knew i would never leave
I remember when we used to walk hand in hand in the park
Way back when we had no care in the world
Lets not forget the times when all hope was lost
Yet we still stuck together
So here we are, still together after all the controversies
I will always treasure every kiss, every hug, every look
Every time you hold me near
I know that for as long as we have each other
Nothing else in the world can go wrong
Love you forever i will 
Our souls intertwine indefinitely
Lovers forever to the very brink

23 thoughts on “Lovers Everlastingly…

  1. I guess that says it all, doesn’t it? lol, I am thrilled to no end to hear your happy words again!!!!!!!! love u much as much can be, my dear little cyber-daughter Abi! lol – mom

  2. Such Swans, aren’t you?
    For life, mates
    in health and in sickness. 😉

    A lovely poem! For people who truly love each other, everyday is a valentine’s day, despite the challenges, the lows, the downs. 🙂


    PS: I miss the last blog template. 😦 … but this one is fine too. 😀

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