Ocean Of Love

Our love is like an mystic ocean

So serene, no one ever dares to stir it
We move together so swiftly and tranquil
Like waves over the whispering pebbles and coral reefs 
Crashing against the gray stone rocks
We sometimes crash heads 
It sometimes feels like we are sailing in a vast sea
With no island in sight, you sometimes feel out of reach
But with never ending hope i am not but small grain of sand
Forever hoping that you as the ocean would engulf me in your love
Like the sea kissing the shore you touch me so tenderly
With every drop that fills the sea our love trikles on
Making it into an immense ocean of love

39 thoughts on “Ocean Of Love

  1. Beautiful Abi girl!!! Loved it 🙂 luv you “a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck”, lol that’s one you probably never heard before, huh? My mom used to say it to me all the time when I was little! Mom xoxoxo

  2. “The Ocean Of Love” Divine and carnal love reflect one another for all eternity. Your poem serves to remind us not to get in the way, nor to forget.

    I like the picture too..

    • Thank you Mike. I love the ocean because i think it is a perfect example of how very small we are as humans in this big earth.. so thats why i used it to show love.. 🙂

  3. romantic, deep and emotional 🙂 i felt those last lines 🙂 i really admire ur style u got me curious for going on and reading more poems 🙂
    great job abichica 🙂

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