Love Please Save Me..

You turned me over love

You are a path to the heart that knows it own way
You dazzle me with your bright shinning star
And leave your prints on me
You know not your own depth until the hour of separation
You Leave me low and torn
You gut me open with your big claws
You drive me to the ends of the world
Then leave me stranded with no way to get back
Meeting you in my dreams is only torture
Because then i awake reaching for you to no avail
Love why do you wound me so bad?

Blue Eyes…

Your heart is breaking..

Your heart is aching..
Your eyes are tearing..
You walk alone in the rain..
Hoping it would wash away your troubles and pain
Searching for a light soul to hold you close..
Searching for a heart to guide you towards happiness..
Your world walked out of the door and took your heart with him
He said he will never make you cry
But now your tears fall endlessly
Sadness swallows you up and leaves you in a dark crater
You no longer live in color, your planet is jaded with darkness 
You are now and forever shattered, incomplete, lost
You will forever have blue eyes

Budding New Friendships

This is a poem that i wrote for the amazing friends that i have made the past couple of months, i never thought i would really allow myself to make friends again because i have lost so many, but with time i am opening up and shedding down the walls around me to let them know me and see me as i am.. so i have wrote this poem to my wonderful new friends.. 🙂

New-made friendships, like new wine 

With age and time become stronger and refined
Pulling a new friend into 
your life is a form of balance. 
A friend is someone that gives you a smile when you have nothing to smile about
Sensitive, kind,loyal and understanding is what you always try to be
Appreciative, warm and precious like gold
When my spirits are damp
You are there to lift me up
A friend is like an owl,
both beautiful and wise 
I hope our friendship won’t tarnish or ever grow old 
I am grateful to have been blessed
With cherished friends like you.. 

Lovers Everlastingly…

Look where we are and what we have been through

Sharing our dreams and fantasies
When i walked into your life, i knew i would never leave
I remember when we used to walk hand in hand in the park
Way back when we had no care in the world
Lets not forget the times when all hope was lost
Yet we still stuck together
So here we are, still together after all the controversies
I will always treasure every kiss, every hug, every look
Every time you hold me near
I know that for as long as we have each other
Nothing else in the world can go wrong
Love you forever i will 
Our souls intertwine indefinitely
Lovers forever to the very brink

Awards Time

It is such an honor to be nominated for these 2 awards and i am so happy because with each award nomination, i feel closer to my readers and followers. I would like to thank my cyber mom Terrie and Lauren for these nominations. They are fantastic poets and writers and forever inspire me to be a good writer as well.






I would like to pass on this award to some poets that i feel are very talented and deserve some recognition. There doesnt seem to be any rules about how many people i can nominate for the award.. SO i guess i should just go ahead and i will see where to stop.

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For now i will only post these 20, there are so many great poets out there it is very hard to pick only a few, and if i havent nominated you, know that its not because i think your blog isnt good, it’s just that there are so many people. You are all awesome and fantastic writers.. :-)..

Peace, Love And Happiness to everyone


Gut Wrenching Ache

My insides are overflowing with emotions

I feel an emptiness that is filled with sorrow
With every call my insides are twisted with hope
At war with myself I do not see any light in the mist
Confusion, sensation, terror and loneliness clouds and corrodes my very being
Chaos and merciless gloom slowly causes my demise
My knight in shinning armor has long been destroyed by the war
Savior is not an option, it is a far fetched mysterious fantasy
All i can do is lie here and wait for the sweet release of fatality

Drowning In Your Absence..

When everything you have goes away

And you realise that nothing means a thing
And everyone around you seems to change
My heart pounds like a drum when you are near
Now that I am 1, i can burn again
It is the silence of your non existence bringing me fears
My insides overflow with sensations of emptiness
Yet i feel filled with gut wrenching gloom
I am eternally drowning with no hope of getting saved

Ocean Of Love

Our love is like an mystic ocean

So serene, no one ever dares to stir it
We move together so swiftly and tranquil
Like waves over the whispering pebbles and coral reefs 
Crashing against the gray stone rocks
We sometimes crash heads 
It sometimes feels like we are sailing in a vast sea
With no island in sight, you sometimes feel out of reach
But with never ending hope i am not but small grain of sand
Forever hoping that you as the ocean would engulf me in your love
Like the sea kissing the shore you touch me so tenderly
With every drop that fills the sea our love trikles on
Making it into an immense ocean of love