Girl Behind The Veil….

My eyes pull you in as i pass by

I hide my face in modest beauty
I conceal the splendor of my hair in a coverage
As i sashay down the road, the shape of my body stays unseen
For I do not need to show my striking curves to believe i am attractive
Without the protection of the veil i am a prisoner of your eyes
For my husband only to see i wear the veil in sacredness

56 thoughts on “Girl Behind The Veil….

  1. ladyfi and Elyas Mulu Kiros have said between them everything I would have said.

    Apart from the fact that the image you picked to illustrate your poem is utterly stunning and hypnotic, Perfect choice.

    • thank you for having an open mind about it, i think most of us never really know what it is like for some one living a certain life until we really try it.. Thanks for coming by.. 🙂

  2. I appreciate your conviction, in this. I think you write it well. I cannot understand though, why your husband shouldn’t also cover his entire form from the world? This seems unjust to apply to one half only, of the human race.

    Well written though, honestly expressed, and beautiful for its truth to you.

    • I appreciate your comment and your opinion. And truthfully I agree with you. truth is i am not a muslim woman thus I have never covered up as they are supposed to, but i wanted to write this from the point of view of that type of woman and from what few have told me. Also from what i understand the men are also supposed to cover up. The should not where clothes which show their arms, their thighs and all that. Just that they do not cover their faces. Again, thank you for your feedback! 😀

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