Yes.. Life Is Hard..

Nothing about my life is easy

Its going to be a long journey
Its going to be filled with hate, war, struggles
Its going to be filled with obstacles
But i’m ready to carry on
Because when the worst is over
I shall sing outloud with joy
Because the truth is  I’m going to live through it
So many people never make it through the hard times
But never lose faith
Because in time happiness shall light my heart
I have been nominated for a Dark Globe’s 2011 InauguralOutstanding Artist Awards , category Writer of The Year. So please do vote for me by going to this link

45 thoughts on “Yes.. Life Is Hard..

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  2. LOL!! I read this after I replied to you comment, so you know I already voted for you :)!!!! I love your poem to! first one I’ve seen in a while that was filled with hope – hold on to that my dear and remember, they can’t knock you down with the Lord at your back!!!!! I love you bunches, mom

  3. Your work is refreshing! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. The details are located on my page. Thank you for being a daily inspiration to so many and congrats!

  4. I love this (and congrats on the nomination!!!). So many people can’t admit that life can be so hard, and yet you do, and there is still the hope for joy that leads us on. So thank you for being that truth. Love your work!

  5. so dark yet so optimistic, i like this style 🙂 and i do have similar style 🙂 but the dark side is more dominant 🙂

    i guess am gonna spend the night reading ur poems 🙂

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