The Dark Side Of Love…

My love for you scares me..

Knowing i might lose you puts me in terror
Nightmares of you not laying by my side erase my future
The love that i harbor for you saddens me
Thoughts of you not yearning for me anymore leaves me in a deep depression
Believing that one day distance might exist between us places me in constant sorrow
Wondering if one day you might have someone else makes my eyes overflow with tears

42 thoughts on “The Dark Side Of Love…

  1. I love you dearly and you think way too much sometimes! Just sorta kidding, babygirl!!! I know the whys of you thinking on these lines and I am truly sorry that past events have done that. I know also that thought process when it comes to Mark, but also that death brings us to the Glory of God and I would be envious if he went there before me – we made a pact that we would go together.

    I wish I had the words that would help you to make your peace with death since you are still so young and have not seen the last of it in you lifetime.

    Just know this one thing, those that you have lost – those that you so desperately miss – you will see them again and while you are waiting, they are up watching you with such a love they never thought capable of in their wildest dreams here.

    You never lose the love of those you’ve lost, it grows into a much grander One waiting with open arms.
    Love, Mom XOXOXO

  2. uhh, the dark side. I completely understand. In eastern philosophies they say desire = suffering and I say that fear also = suffering because we get something and hold it dear and we make it a part of who we are. The fear of losing it is a fear of losing self. I don’t know what more to say except I hope you have the lifetime love of your dreams and keep it forever!

  3. You’ve expressed the dark side of love so profoundly. This feeling of insecurity–to live in a constant fear of losing the other–is what most other people feel yet they are afraid to talk about it or even show it.

  4. such devotion 🙂 i loooooooooooove it 🙂 simply awesome 🙂
    the feeling of losing someone u love is very annoying and sad 😦

  5. wooww!!! You have captured the dark side of love amazingly!! so beautifully created, and so very true.. :-).. you should definitely write either a novel about love or pain because you are so good at that, or you should write a poetry book.. 🙂

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