I AM A Woman!!

I am a treasure

I am a diamond in the rough
I am beautiful
I am strong
I am a nation builder
I am a family creator
I am a peace maker
I am the keeper of the key
I am a nurturer 
I am a mother, a sister, a wife
I give my whole heart and take very little
If your days are dark, i shall bring light onto them
I take away the base of all pain and forever give faith
Like sweet tantalizing rain i sprinkle love and joy
I am the source of all that is good, colorful and delightful

33 thoughts on “I AM A Woman!!

  1. You have voiced what a woman is and should be.Too many do not stand up when beat and abused,so willing to forgive in the sake of love..What they don’t know is someone will love them for the beauty within,without the abuse.Too many brainwashed in thinking that no one else will love them.Thank you for opening eyes:)

    • So true, many women just stay in abusive or very bad relationships for the sake of love and we always allow ourselves to be taken advantage of.. I’m glad you liked it.. : -D

      • Oh yes, you’re right! Real crazy that we both wrote something of this nature with the same title, without even prior knowledge of each other! Real proud to be women, aren’t we! Good thing we had Ben Naga in common, to make the ‘introductions’. Lol.

        I like your version, and great blog, too.


  2. hahahaha 😀 this is simply Delta Goodrem in her amazing form 😀 as always ofcourse 😀
    and have u heard “the guardian” for her!!!!! i believe u will be inspired big time by it 🙂 trust me

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