If I Stood Next To You, Will You Listen To My Heart??..

If i stand here in the pouring rain

Clothes drenched and soggy with water would you hear me

If i stood in the scotching heat, skin blistered from the roast would you hear me
If i shouted your name from the top of my lungs, would you hear me
If i was lost in the darkness and i reached out my hand would you grab on to it
If i shed tears and shivered with pain and heart ache would you calm me
If i trembled because of the cold, would you warm me up
If i took your hand and put it on my chest, will you  hear my heart calling
Because i have tried everything to get you to notice but you seem to not get it
My heart longs for you
Oh how i wish you could understand..

36 thoughts on “If I Stood Next To You, Will You Listen To My Heart??..

    • It sounds like you have been through something like this Bikram.. But yeah, you are right, life can sometimes be as you say ” you know……”.. Thanks for stopping by, 🙂

  1. Beautiful poem. It is really sad that people can never truly understand each other – and if they eventually do – they seem to grow apart. Let’s hope the person the narrator (you, I presume,) is addressing soon understands 🙂

    • Yes, the narrator is me.. :-D, And i think usually by the time the other person( the one not noticing) realizes that there is someone who loves them, its usually too late.. Always a pleasure seeing you here.. 😀

  2. beautiful and heartwarming. brings deep feelings. how many things around us so beautiful but we tend to ignore. sometimes the one made for you is yearning for your attention, wants you to listen to their hearts. but how many times do we ignore. heartwarming. 🙂

  3. soooooooooooo amazing and reminds me of a song i love sooooooo much

    u will like it 😉
    and now i promise u i will continue to read more poems for u tomorrow 🙂
    now am watching some tv 😀
    i had a good time reading ur poems and i really loved them
    wish i could write more poems like u 🙂
    and as good as well 🙂
    hope u enjoyed ur tour in my blog 😀

    • wooww!! it makes me so happy to see that some one is checking out my blog so much as you. I did enjoy your blog and shall be checking out more of it later when im less busy.. and that song is nice, i like it.. 🙂

      • it’s awesomeeeee 🙂 it’s tje amaaaaaaaaaazing zara taylor 😀 u should listen to her songs, she’s such a beaut 🙂

      • no need to rush urself 🙂 whnvr u feel free check out my blog 🙂
        as for me am in a reading frenzy cuz i might be away for couple of weeks 😦 “call of duty” i u know what i mean 😀

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