Sweet Everlasting love..

What a night it shall be

Rose paddles swathe the floor in loveliness 
Candles illuminate the room in splendor
The silhouette of your solid manly body entices me
I can almost feel your rough hands caressing my soft skin
I want to feel your hot breath on my neck
To lay in your strong hands as you impatiently take me
To look in your eyes and see the lust and desire
As you claim me now and forever
Making me yours to devour as you please for eternity
As my gown drops to the floor my heart skips a beat
Knowing very well that all my dreams are drawing nearer 
Your soft lingering kisses become passionate by the second
Fumbling eagerly with your tuxedo i can see the excitement in your eyes
This night we have been waiting for for ages
Tonight we finally seal our love..