She Cast A Spell On Me…

We lie here next to each other

In the dark of the night
As she slip deeper and deeper into nothingness
So peacefully she breathes fluffed up like a light feather
So light, her chest moves up and down
Like a sweet, beautiful angel she rests
Like a flexible gorgeous ballerina her body lounges
Limbs spread out and stretched out
Her skin so soft i cant stop caressing it
Her magnificent radiance astonishes me
She is not like the others
Like a sexy vixen she cast a spell on me
She made me surrender myself to her
How she did it i have no idea
But in no time she made me hers
And hers i shall be for life

31 thoughts on “She Cast A Spell On Me…

  1. OMG!!!!! tht was amaaaaaaazing
    third awesome poem i read today 😀
    i hope i will find more of this style 😀
    girl u rock BIG TIME 😀

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