My Second Award… YEEYY!!

I’m really stoked to see my blog nominated for a second award which i have been nominated for by Miss TinyToes and Writeitfeelit. I never thought my blog would be so appreciated by so many people. Thanks a lot  and This award is called LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. 😀

About this award: This is an award given to blogs that have less than 200 followers and deserve more recognition and encouragement.There are some guidelines that has to be followed while giving or receiving the Award.

1.Thank the blogger who gave you the Award.
2.Pick 5 small blogs that are worth the honors.
3.Spread the words about liebster Awards
The bloggers i Nominate for this award are :
I nominate these blogs because even though they are so different, they are awesome, creative and heart warming. They deserve to be appreciated and praised. 😀

40 thoughts on “My Second Award… YEEYY!!

  1. Congrats Babygirl!! I’m so happy for you – it feels great to get an award, doesn’t it?! (I’m also glad that I didn’t see my name on that list you made, I can’t keep track of mine as it is.) You deserve it for sure!!! Love ya, Mom XOXOXO

    • Thank you, to be nominated for an award people have to like and enjoy reading your blog enough to want to help you get recognition, i tried to go to your blog, it doesnt seem to exist, do give me the url so that i can check it out.. 🙂

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