Broken Hearted Girl..


In the journey to your freedom and awakening you took my everything

The longing of being apart from you leaves me paralyzed

I lie in bed all night in a vegetative state

Searching through my bags i found your shirt

I havent been able to part with it ever since because of your insatiable scent on it

You always did smell so good

Like rough sweet sweat with a pinch of flowery essence

I know i am probably going insane

But what am i to do with out you here

I can’t eat, read or even sleep with out you in my every thought

I’ts impossible for me to doze with out your arms around me

And when somehow i do manage

I fall deep into a world of you, our memories and the love we shared

The ache in my heart is so deep because i know you are forever gone

Distance is supposed to make the love fade

But with every second that i’m not with you

My heart grows fonder

Then the wound in my wrecked heart gets bigger

Morphing into a terrible infected gush

Why have you forsaken me my love..


63 thoughts on “Broken Hearted Girl..

  1. Ouch, been there several times… Trying to survive it now, and it sucks… Only 5 months out since my most recent loss… Hard to miss someone that doesn’t feel the same about you anymore… Tears you up

    Great Work, appreciate it


    • Yeah it does, its just that people believe that if you have broken up with someone and you are apart from them( never seeing them much) it would be easy to forget about them and move on. But most of the time this is not the case..

  2. I have read this a couple of times… maybe its the mood I’m in or just the way you write. I keep visualizing a soldier off to war … and she gets his letter. Could be me or you or maybe because I live between 2 Army bases. Well written!!

    • thank you so much!! :-D.. And i totally get what you mean by a soldier off to war and the girl getting the letter in her mail.. so romantically sad.. thanks for stopping by Mike.. 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I have just nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award.
    See my home page if you are interested in accepting etc…


  4. Hello..I read this finding something familiar. I know in any disappointment I must take my time..I know it is useless to overindulge..I also know I am so hardheaded at times..even when the answer is has to feel right..your writing..even in heartache reflects hope..:-)..Peace Tony

    • Thank you so much, I’ts probably because i always believe that even during the darkest of times i still believe that there is always hope for happiness.. I guess i’ts because i’m a hopeless romantic and i always hope for the best..thank you for checking out my poems.. I really appreciate it.. 🙂

  5. beautiful, you are developing your talent of poetry and storytelling. that feeling of being heartbroken, that choking feeling your captured wonderfully in this creation. keep it up. 🙂

  6. “Why have you forsaken me my love..”
    nice closing line, it got me 🙂
    this poem is a bit long 😀 and that’s new and still nice 🙂
    thought the second line doesnt make sense, i guess u should take a look at it 🙂

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