Love Throb…

Cant stop thinking about you

As i lay here awake, unable to sleep
It may seem like i’m selfish, or crazy, or living in the past
But I’m always wondering..
Am I the love of your life
Like you are the love of my life
I feel a cold shiver moving down my spine like a cube of ice
Why is it that you don’t want to fight for me to stay
Like a cheetah waiting for its prey
You only want me when i run
Resting here alone waiting for the midnight sun
I wish you ached for me as i do for you
But you live on with no clue
Meeting your mates and going on long dates
Are we to work hard for our love or is it just fate
I feel like you are slipping away from me
Our love hurts so much that it leaves a depth in my heart

41 thoughts on “Love Throb…

  1. “You only want me when I run” is a lot of loves at your age. It more the idea of you than the real you that is enticing to them. Hope that made sense 🙂 Great job darlin’! I enjoyed it a lot. Peace, blessings and love, Mom XOXO

    • I do understand, its just very heartbreaking to love some one and want to spend your every moment with them and have them not feel the same way.. thanks for coming by..:-D

  2. Very expressive and painful. Very good conveying of emotion!

    This is such a hurtful topic but so much is based on instincts. Those that run away (or are out of reach) are pursued — while those that are in possession are taken for granted. Some people don’t fall prey to this trap, others mature out of this as they get older. But it is very prevalent — very common behavior of men towards woman and woman towards men.

    This Zumwalt poem covers this topic a bit:

    A lot of this type of behavior can be connected to insecurity — it’s like the old Groucho Marx quote ” I don’ t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member”

    • Thank you. And it is true, it seems to be the motto of most relationships.. Its just that sometimes its hard to deal with such situations..Thanks for coming by.. 🙂

  3. First love the pic…. you always find just the right photo to go along with your poem. Second you got a little rhyme going on… I like it. Poem has so much truth bleeding out of it. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Mike.. I’m glad you like it, i always believe if i’m going to use a picture in the post, it has to bring out the emotion i’m trying to convey in the poem. 🙂

  4. What we feel isn’t just what we feel for the Person, it’s also Represents our Own Hearts Ability, and Capacity to Love… You’re Passionate… And have a Huge Heart… Not everyone will be able to keep up with what you’re Capable of Feeling… I’m not saying settle, don’t do that… Find someone that can Love you the way you Love them… I’m just saying, even the Pain we feel is Reflective of what we the specific Individual is able/capable of feeling.

    So as bad as the Pain can get, our Capacity for Pleasure is equally Strong…

    Rock on, Fly Free… And like My Brother, who is very wise, used to tell me… Sometimes you have to take the “Back Corner” in situations… Back Corner of your Mind that is… And just observe from there… It gives you a much better perspective, and also Reduces the Pain and Misery, and helps you Think Straighter

    Nice Piece


  5. i love the metaphors, cheetah waiting for her prey, midnight sun……woooooooooooow
    there r some kind of men who “love on the run” and i cant see what’s the point in it or where’s the pleasure !!!

  6. Actually, people often think , love is just a only word(nothing more).
    No, love is the greatest power of the Universe .
    It have power make a person so understandable that he can feel the others even he is so far from them.and so more .

    It gives a huge knowledge about the Whole Universe!

    Nassab khan

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