I live in padlocked terror

Is it today is it tomorrow
Is it the day that’s going to be my sorrow
Am i being punished for being the creature that i am
Hard times come and drag me down
Down into the deepest scum filled gulf
In a state of abyss here i slouch
slain in my journey to survival
My soul tumbles into the deep void
Waiting for the ogres and trolls to come 
To come and gather my soulless bag of severed carcass

37 thoughts on “Abyss….

  1. Very impressive exploration into the darker regions of the spirit — these lower emotions of fear, terror, dread, etc. Very glad to see you challenge yourself with this type of deep expression.

  2. The void I fell into was only relieved, by living in it, through it, welcoming every glass-chewing, pain-filled, terrible moment and then letting the pain go into the Abyss which ironically has become a part of who I AM. Knowing Darkness enables us to Know the LIGHT. May G-D bless you with the bliss that comes after the suffering. Love and Light to you. Chuck

  3. My dear, dear daughter, how I wish that I could take your pain and sadness from you!! Also that you lived closer to me so that I could hug you for real instead of only through cyberspace!!! You did a great job with the poem though 🙂 Sending you much love and gigantic hugs and kisses!!! Mom

    • Thank you very much dear mom. I really appreciate your caring and worrying of me and i just want you to know that even though you are not here to hug me physically, your cyber hugs are much loved by me and very helpful.. :-D..thanks for stopping by..lots of hugs and kisses right back at you. 🙂

  4. Someone got in touch with her dark side…. I like it when a follower (me) tries to predict who you are or what you are going to write next. BaM …you flip the script. Love the way you conjure up images in my mind with just words.

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