Short Story..Broken..Part 4..

I watch him leave the house and I know where he is going, I know he is going to his mistress. How glad he must be that I don’t want him in the house, that I found him with her, now he can do what he wants without having the pressure of hiding it from me, now he can go continue his night of pleasure with her. I walk to the bathroom to prepare a bath, but when I look around the beautiful ceramic surroundings, I remember that they just took a shower together right in here, which is probably not the first time. I wish I could hate him so much, but I simply cannot, it is a man’s nature to cheat is it not, frankly I’m shocked it took him this long. I walk to the guest room and prepare a hot, long relaxing bubble bath, then I sink myself into the hot water and tears finally start streaming down my face. It has been a very long draining day, and now that I’m finally relaxed and alone with my thoughts, I completely break down and I sob for hours and hours until I’m all cried out on my bed alone..

I wake up at five am and just for a moment before I open my eyes I think it was all a bad dream, a horrible nightmare brought by my fear of losing Nick, but my hope is deadly crushed by the sight of the guest room and reality is set deep down in my heart. I spend the following days in a haze of confusion, tears and horrid sadness which hurts physically, tipsy because of all the wine i have been drinking by myself the whole week. After a week of wallowing in pity, sadness,anger and bewilderment, I realize how dirty the house is and i start cleaning everything and this hefty task helps clear my mind. After hours and hours of cleaning, i make something to eat and as i am in the mist of it i hear a heavy knock on the door. With a heavy sigh, i open the door and see Nick standing there with roses and a big teddy bear. The first this that comes to my mind is ” is he freaken insane, thinking that sleeping with another girl can be fixed with flowers and a stuffed bear”!

” Hi Rosie, can i come in? “.. he says with a long face and one of the sexy smirks he used to give me, which is totally just makes me even more furious with him.

“No. What do you want?”.. I tell him with a serious face. He waltz in anyway slightly pushing me aside and just stands there staring at me.

After what feels like decades of tension filled silence, he finally babbles ” Rosie i’m really sorry about what happened, i don’t know what got in me, i was just looking for something new, and i know that’s not an excuse, but i really love you and these last few days have been like hell to me. Its over with me and….. and i’m not in love with her, i love you, please forgive me and take me back.

As i’m looking at his face with tears already streaming down his rosy pink cheeks, i feel a stab of pain mixed with anger and love for him, we get into a rowdy heated argument and once again i start throwing whatever it is that i can get my hands on. With in the blink of an eye he grabbed me in his strong arms and drew me towards him pushing his lips onto mine. I fight him off and even bite him which just makes him kiss me harder as i feel his rigidness poking me in my tummy, after seconds of putting up a struggle i submit into his familiar soft lips and we kiss severely for an obscene amount of time, peeling each other’s clothes as time continues. He kisses my ruffled hair, my cheeks, the nape of my neck and back to my lips again. He then stops, i stop,panting and looking me in the eyes with a questioning look in his eyes, then starts nibbling on my nipples. I want him and i know he wants me. He grabs my ass and lifts me onto his hardness and starts thrusting and panting.

“Ooh Rosie i missed you so much, is it good for you baby? i’m so close” he says, panting and breathing hard.

As i watch him moving and grunting i start feeling sick to my stomach because i just realize that the last time he had sex it was with someone else. Suddenly everything has changed,everything is different, i feel nothing but hate and disgust for him and i cant bear to look at his face.

Next and last part coming soon…