Versatile Blogger Award

To be put on the list for a Versatile Blogger Award by terri0729  and willow21

is quite an honor and a challenge. Thank you so much for thinking about me Teresa, we have come to be real and amazing friends ever since we met and i am forever inspired by your poetry and beautiful thoughts. ūüėÄ

In order to be a winner though, I have to honor the person who listed me, (see above) list 15 bloggers, and jot down 7 things about myself.

These are the 15 bloggers who i want to give the award to because i love their blogs and feel they are a must read.

1. : she has become a dear friend of mine and she writes beautiful poetry.

2. : Because he is a very special someone in my life for a long time now and hopefully for a long time to come. He inspires me to write more poetry and is a very talented writer himself.

3. : Because he writes incredible and mind boggling poetry that amazes me every time i read it.

4. : Because he is a terrific poet and all of his poems are on another level of greatness.

5. : Because she has an great fitness blog which could benefit everyone.

6. : Because he takes breath taking pictures and has become my biggest fan who loves my poetry.

7. : Because he writes beautiful, sometimes controversial poetry.

8. : Because she writes such amazing romance poetry.

9. : Because she has a great fashion blog with really fantastic chic fashion sense..

10. : Because her poetry is beautiful.

11. : Because he introduced me to the world of haikus.. and i feel his blog has the most amazing ones..

12. : Because i simply love her blog and her poems.

13. : Because she writes about her struggles as a mother and its very inspiring.

14. : Because he writes beautiful poetry and i feel that he deserves some recognition.

15. : Because she writes to aspire, motivate and succeed. She writes great inspirational posts.

7 things you might have not known about me. ūüėÄ

  • I am a 23 year old soon to be fresh graduate
  • I have been writing since i was 10 years old
  • My poems and stories are written from experience, observations and my crazy imaginative forever¬†fantasizing¬†mind.
  • I am a hopeless romantic, cliche i know, but i believe in finding the right man, my knight in shinning¬†armor and living happily ever after, travelling the world and writing in pure happiness.
  • I have a super shoe obsession.
  • Apart from writing, i also love reading, painting, drawing, and everything else that’s creative enough for me to try out.
  • I am currently working on a very special novel that i hold very dearly to my heart..Maybe one day i may publish it.. ūüėÄ