Short story.. Broken.. Part 1..

As I step into the bedroom I’m stopped by a sudden smell of fresh roses at the door, knowing what a romantic Nick is, I quickly flicked on the light and there in the room was a sight I had been anticipating the whole night. The bed was covered with beautiful red rose pedals, which were scatted all over the room, bright red and white candles stood erect throughout the room and then realizing that I was ruining the sensational mood, I quickly turned the light back off.

I tip toed across the room towards our lavish bed where I found a sexy little lingerie which was absolutely breath taking. I heard the sound of a shower running in the bathroom and thought with a blissful smile pasted on my face

“I better get ready before he finishes his shower”, so I quietly nipped off my clothes all the while thinking he must have missed me a lot to do something so romantic and out of the ordinary like this. Don’t get me wrong, my husband used to be the most romantic man alive, for the first two months of our being together, then after we got married everything changed and he suddenly became this very busy man who hardly had time for me, but now it seemed like he is going back to his old romantic self with such exotic lingerie.

I finished putting on the lingerie and it fit perfectly as if it had been painted on my body, I finished off the naughty outfit with my sexiest stilettos which I had brought back with me from Paris. All ladies know that Jimmy Choo never goes wrong with his classically designed fabulous shoes. Then as I felt butterflies flying about in my tummy, I lay on the bed in a kitty cat pose and waited for him to come out of the bathroom.

Suddenly the bathroom door open and I had this intense change of emotion from excitement to shock, disgust and then finally anger.

“Rosie, you are back?” he asked in a trembling shameful voice and at that very moment I had already sprung like a hunting cheetah on cocaine at the naked girl who was standing behind him with a little smirk on her face.

To be continued..

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