What Ever Happened To Chivalry..??

What ever happened to chivalry
When a man would sing a Shakespeare sonnet to the woman he is wooing
When a man would write a soppy love letter and put it under his love’s door then graciously wait for her response
When he meets her, he would take her hand and gently kiss her soft Dorsum
When he would tell her “you are my sunshine, i look at you and i would rather than look at all the portraits in the world”
When a man would plant a whole garden of roses for her just so that every day she knows how much more beautiful than them she is
When she cries he would embrace her in his strong arms and rock her back and forth until she was all cried out
His kiss would be the most intoxicating and invigorating experience of her life
And the love making..ooh the love making …
He would ravage her until she was sore and her body would pulsate with shivers of pleasure
And on those days that she would be doubting his love
He would stroke her hair from her face, gently hold her face between his hands,look her straight in the eyes, and tell her 
“i love you so much i would,Cross the seven seas,battle through the snow,climb every mountain side and declare my love to you to everyone i meet on the way”
..Like i said before..Is chivalry dead??..

55 thoughts on “What Ever Happened To Chivalry..??

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  2. It exists in me. At one time I had 18 Shakespearean Sonnets memorized so I could recite them one after another. I can do quite a few right now. With a love interest l start by reciting #18, his most famous sonnet. If you were a love of mine I would recite one to you every day.


    • Woooww..its good to see a man who still wants to go through the trouble and really do things right..keep it alive for all of us..and i hope you keep at it with your love interest..:-)

  3. I might get flogged for saying this, but yes Chivalry is dead. Some men have ended up in bad relationships and they’ve taken it out on the world, leaving only a few of us to show what it really is. It’s sad, but there it is 😦

    • lol..you wont get flogged, every opinion is appreciated, and you are right many men have killed it,particularly the lazy ones who do not want to give effort in their relationship, i just hope there is at least a small percentage of men out there who still bother with such wonderful things..:-)

    • :-D.. well i really hope there are because i haven’t met them yet..all the men in my society(college) think that these things make you “not a man” as they say, but they dont know that it is such which show a real man..:-D… *hug*

    • That is what happens when a society intentionally sets out to run men out of the family and little boys grow up without their fathers. Indeed the disrespect and contempt that women have showered upon the men in their lives is now being reflected back upon them from their own male children who learned it upon their mama’s knee.

  4. What happened to Chivalry? Fair question and the answer is FEMINISM. An ideology that declares that women are superior to men which has led it’s adherents to use the political and judicial systems to reduce American males to second class citizens demand ever increasing rights and entitlements for females while reducing their responsibilities to absolute zero. From the burning bed movie we have become a society that allows women to murder their husbands while asleep – then falsely claim abuse (its called the abuse excuse) in order to walk away scott free while they are applauded as hero’s. Not too long ago a women drugged her husband – tied him up and cut off his penis and threw it in the kitchen grinder. All because he asked her for a divorce and the ladies from the view and other morning talk shows all thought it was a hoot (funny) even “Ozzy” Osbourne’s wife Sharon thought it was quite funny and joked about it on national television.

    For a growing number of today’s men “Chivalry” is little better than a form of modern day slavery that they intend to avoid at all costs hence the question so many women are starting to ask: Where have all the good men gone?

    • Thanks for your perspective, and i do agree with you, this idea of feminism had something to do to it as well.. it added to this problem as well, i believe feminist try to say they want men to be equal with women.. which can never happen actually..

    • “Chivalry” simply defined is respect for women. It can not and will not survive in a climate of contempt – negative Stereotyping and sexual bigotry and suspicion that is fostered towards the male gender by the feminists.

  5. Our respect for love is dead because we let it happen so, our modern society is not based on cultural values of the past or love towards your neighbor nor is desire for love supreme. A sad situation. What now holds the prime spot in our minds is the relentless chase for money and self gratification. Not that I believe it’s evil but that course had eaten our time. The time we had to engage in some literature, to write a crazy poem in the name of love, to memorize some sonnets or even to learn the tabs for that old sweet song and dedicate it to love dearest in front of others.
    Those small acts now have to wait, who knows maybe forever. But still it doesn’t mean that love doesn’t foster in our hearts. We simply don’t have time, so it’s up to us to detect those subtle signs our partners express. However much we yearn for a grand sonnet we might have to be content with a simple smile.
    Nice poem, I hope would inspire the readers to do something it express their loves in a better, grand way 🙂

    • Thank you so much..:-).. i also hope it will inspire the readers to do something to express their love to their better half, it doesn’t have to be in some sort of grand gesture way( even though that would be amazing) but just a small gesture to show them that you love them and you still want them around for the long haul.. 😀

  6. i like this! 🙂 but what happened to chivalry? i’m not sure. hehehe… but i believe it’s not dead… i believe it’s out there. we just have not found the right someone to experience it with. and if ever it is still existing, it is with a modern twist! 🙂 something like that…

  7. I like the passion in this one. Chivalry is not completely dead. I think it’s just confused. I agree with the comments about feminism and also our distractions in life (video games and facebook and technological advances). I for one feel that people’s reactions to their feelings are muted due to these distractions and confusions. I don’t think some people realize a.) when they are being insulted or b.) when they are insulting.

  8. I really loved this one, it’s beautiful; and, a question I hear asked quite a lot! I love how you’ve framed it with your pen!

    Chivalry is still alive and well, just under a different form. You ask for Chivalry from a different time which is why it is not as prevalent as people (and many of the above posters) want it. It makes me wonder what form it took before the Shakespearean ideal formed.

    I do feel it’s a touch unfair reaching for Feminism as a possible reason that it no longer exists. If anything, Feminism has allowed more men to find different ways to woo a woman, ways that are more suitable to the ones that could not stand poetry or even manage to write it. Without my ranting on and on, would you not say that the Chivalry of old was the exclusive domain of aristocrats? Who else would find time to memorize Shakespearean sonnets when life was far more intense and abrupt? A man with the money to hire a music teacher, purchase armor, spend the majority of his time chasing a woman and pay for lovely gifts was ‘Chivalrous’. I like to think Chivalry existed then (and now) in this form: In men that gave whatever little they had to the happiness of someone else (whether or not that love was reciprocated).

    Next time you look for Chivalry – maybe it’s with the jock that knows not how to string eloquence together but would tumble down whatever man stood between him and you; or with the writer unable to pick the sword, yet so ready to paint your portrait with the prettiest of words.

    Or simpler yet – maybe it’s with the Father that chooses to remain faithful to his wife and supportive of his children. Perhaps slaving away at a mediocre job somewhere, unrewarded for his efforts, but he still finds the solace to smile. I’d say Chivalry lives – just not loud and boisterous as the old stories seem to imply it should be.

    Like I said earlier, this is an especially beautiful poem and relevant to the times we live in now. Perhaps what we need is not the Chivalry of old, but to understand what brand is in dire need today?

    • Wooww!! i never really thought of it this way, and now that you have shown me the different perspective.. I guess in these times chivalry comes in small dozes, small acts of love and kindness..:-).. thanx for coming by..

  9. Chivalry is about qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women and truly has nothing to do with love or romance. It has to do with defending a woman’s honor regardless of whether or not you have a relationship with her. It certainly isn’t dead among the men I know who would all rush to assist a woman in need of help from opening a door to defending her from attack.

    • Thats all true, but it does have something to do with romance because these are all the qualities that a woman wants in a man she loves, so when a woman thinks about chivalry, she connects it with love.. And now days it does not really exist.. Thanx for coming by..:-)

      • The reason that chivalry doesn’t really exist is because most women don’t really love the men in their lives and their men know this and resent it. Another reason is the simple fact that the decline of chivalry can be traced back to the rise of feminism and the consequent rise of the single parent family headed by females: who teach their sons to disrespect themselves and other women by the disrespect they show the men in their lives.

      • Well, i guess some of it can be traced back to feminism, but surely not all of it because there are many women out there in the world who aren’t feminist and who definitely respect and love the men in their lives. Maybe you feel this way because of the experiences in your life.. Either way, all opinions are allowed and much appreciated here..:-)

      • ”” How will the family unit be destroyed? ……[T]he demand alone will throw the whole ideology of the family into question, so that women can begin establishing a community of work with each other and we can fight collectively. Women will feel freer to leave their husbands and become economically independent, either through a job or welfare.””
        In ““Female Liberation”” – Roxanne Dunbarr

        ““The nuclear family must be destroyed, and people must find better ways of living together……. Whatever its ultimate meaning, the breakup of families now is an objectively revolutionary process……. No woman should have to deny herself any opportunities because of her special responsibilities to her children…….””
        ““Functions of the Family,”” WOMEN: A Journal of Liberation, Fall, 1969 – Linda Gordon

        ““We can’’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage.””
        From Sisterhood Is Powerful, (ed), 1970, p. 537 – Robin Morgan

        ““I feel that ‘‘man-hating’’ is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.””
        Ms. Magazine Editor. – Robin Morgan

    • dude im sorry but you have alot of issues to resolve buddy…. too much hate like that will turn into something more dangerous, im sorry for whatever happened to you in the past which clearly left a deep scar in your soul. Any help would be very nice to balance your life.
      Buddy don’t hate me and im sorry if i offended you

      • Memo your ignorance and willful blindness doesn’t offend me neither does it surprise me either as B. T. Barnum once said – “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Continue down the idealistic path you are walking in regards to women and you’ll only find yourself being destroyed financially by one. Just as Abichica’s blind idealism\feminism won’t let her believe the truth about her own gender and her unreasonably high expectations of men has led to her being disappointed.

  10. Was chivalry in the form of reciting Shakespearean sonnets and serenading one’s lover ever really the norm, or was this just something that appeared in theatre? I’m no historian but I feel that in the 20th and 21st centuries the West has enjoyed more idle time and literacy than ever before. I find it hard to believe that hundreds of years ago men coming back from a twelve hour shift at the coal mines or a long day in the fields had the time to learn to read, much less the time or access to books to be able to memorize poetry. Perhaps such chivalry once did exist, but only in men of priviledge. The poor were too busy trying to survive.

    If today’s average woman were to find a secret admirer beneath her window singing odes to her beauty and grace, she’d most likely have him arrested for stalking and have a restraining order slapped on him should he ever return. Seriously, think about it… what would you do?

    Look for chivalry in the text message your beau sends you asking if you made it to work OK and don’t question why a stranger is holding a door open for you (as has happened to me several times). Accept a seat on the bus offered for no other reason than because you are a woman. Refuse to support the removal of gender from the English language… use the term “Miss”, not Ms. Refer to female thespians as actresses, not actors! Why is it now shameful to make the distinction? Has chivalry gone, or is it being driven away by those who confuse it and chauvinism?

    By the way, beautiful poem!

    • Thank you so much. And when i mean chivalry, i don’t mean only the reciting of poems and all that, because every man has a way to respect and show his woman how much he loves her, how much he cares, and just being there when she needs to and she also reciprocating that respect, love and care to him. I mean when a man gets off his seat on the bus (like you said) so that a pregnant woman, or an elderly woman is standing, or a man opening a door for a woman to go in just because he is a gentle man. Simple (even the smallest) gestures mean a lot to woman, just like you say, a text just checking how the woman is doing during the day is nice, but now days more and more men find it too much work to do such things and women also do not do the things that they used to do for their men because everyone is just too busy. 🙂

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