Why So Sad…

Sitting by my desk
gazing out at the horizon
Watching as the raindrops drip on the window
Trying to figure out what’s wrong
And then it hits me
For a long time now happiness has eluded me
I catch glimpses of happy faces and memories
Do i even remember what makes me smile
For the life of me i just can’t work it out
Is it sparkly diamonds given to a mistress by a jilted lover
Is it the soft sounds of a wailing baby
Is it the promotion a hard working woman get after years of missing her daughter’s bedtime stories
I want to find a solution for this more than i want to breath
More than i want to exist

48 thoughts on “Why So Sad…

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  2. Hi sweety! I want happiness for you always, every day, in every way! When I was first struck down with the M.S. I had terrible bouts with depression and since I had never dealt with it before, I was floored by it. Sitting down to match socks and bawling for no particular reason, it blew my mind. Mark, in the beginning, would ask what was wrong and I’d cry, “I don’t knowwww!” After a while of this, he would just come in and wrap his arms around me and hold me until I stopped. (See why I love his so much?! lol). I feel for you and, though I know you are getting better, I wish you didn’t have to deal with it at all. Bear hugs 🙂

  3. Great poem. 2 questions though! One – is it a general state of happiness that eludes you or that euphoric feeling? Two – Your use of the word “I”. I’ve noticed you sometimes leave it in lower case…do you do it on purpose? Because it puts a whole different meaning on a lot of your poems.

    • lol.. answer to first question, its general happiness lately.. and question 2, yes, i realize that i do that a lot and it is on purpose… many people never see that.. :-)..thanx for your very observational comment.. 😀

  4. “I catch glimpses of happy faces and memories”…..love this line. This is what often helps me get through the clutter of life. Wonderful poem, thanks for sharing!

  5. OH! how profound is this poem. These are the questions we all have to ask ourselves at some point in our lives. It is beautifully written very evocative ( sorry I love that word) No one ever knows the answers there is no magic fix we just have to find the balance which suits us best. There is only one other thing I have to say and it is light hearted so please do not take offence . There is nothing soft about the wail of a baby , I have had three and I never found the sound anything less than gut wrenching loud. d”+”_”+”b P.T.Y.P.

  6. lol.. since you are a mother and spend a lot of time with you babies i guess you feel so, but for me i usually just see them in passing and i guess the ones i hear make soft, low sounds..:-D.. im glad you liked the poem.. thank you so much for coming by.. 😀

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