A Journey To Your Heart

I want to go on a trip
For tonight shall be the night i engrave my name on your heart
I want to fill your heart with pure stunning love
I want to feel your breath feeling like a ghost’s whisper on my bare shoulder
To feel your heart pulsating with blood
For this night i feel hollow and need you to satiate me with your passion
This night i will follow you to the ends of the world just to have a slight taste of you
I will wrestle the dragons, the beasts and any other creature to reach you
I will surrender myself for you to do as you please with me
And when you are finished i shall let you devour me again
And when we are done my name shall be carved forever on your heart
Then I will nest on your heart for all eternity
And thus my journey shall be complete

43 thoughts on “A Journey To Your Heart

  1. 🙂 Though your union will be complete as your solo journey comes to an end – your journey together now begins. 🙂 Nicely written and very descriptive.

  2. BTW after reading “A Journey To Your Heart” your words inspired me to write what became the third poem I wrote this morning “Tonight” which will be posted tomorrow morning on my blog DaPoet’s Passion.

  3. am sooooooo loving this passion of urs 🙂 specially whn u r so eager to reach the man u love and would do everything and anything to find him and reach him 🙂 and by offering him urself as a present or a gift willingly to feel his love and to share the good times together 🙂 it’s sooooo marvelous 🙂
    u know i dont think i havent write any poem like tht before 🙂
    i lack passion in my poetry 😀

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