A Mother’s Love

This is just a little something i wrote for my wonderful mom, this is her birthday month so i just wanted her to know how much i appreciate her.. 🙂

I remember when you used to give me a bike ride everyday in the sunshine

I fell and scrapped my knee and you healed it with your loving kiss
I remember when i came home one day crying because the other kids made fun of my petite body 
And you wrapped me in your usual warm embrace telling me that they are just jealous because i’m so pretty 🙂
I still remember all those late nights you spent helping me with my home work even though you had to work early because you wanted me to have a bright future
I remember when you could do no wrong, you came home from work and I jumped in your arms because i was so happy to see you
I remember when i left you to go to college and you were in tears because of the separation that would be forced upon us
Because of your love, i overcame the worst catastrophes in my life
You give me such security and comfort
Fill my life with joy,peace and undying love
No matter what mistakes you are always there for me
You kill my insecurities and rejuvenate my mind
You understand my misery and shield me from all harm
I  treasure every single moment i have with you
That’s why i want you to know Mom,
Without you there would be no me
And i am proud and thankful to call you my mother
Because in this world there is and will never be anyone I love more than you 

45 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

  1. Nice tribute Abby and very well voiced. My father has since passed but my mom is still the “soft intelligent rock” she has always been, so I know where your story comes from.

    • Im sorry to hear that about your father,but yeah most of the time our moms take great care of us, but we never tell them thank you,… thanx for coming by.. :-).. and i suggest you let your mother know how much you love her.. 😀

  2. :-)) Mother/daughter bonding is truly something special. You know you’ll make her cry like crazy when you show her what you wrote?:-)

  3. ^ now you gotta read it to her, poetry has more effect when spoken. 🙂 … I wrote a poem once for my mom on mother’s day, and read it to her through the phone, i made her cry … joyful tears, I didn’t intend to, but you know how moms are … lol

    • lol.. i do know how moms are, and ill be sure to try reading to her through the phone because she is far away from me.. :-D.. thanx for your lovely comment.. 😀

      • far away makes it even more special … 🙂 she will really appreciate it …. i remember my mom was really happy, in addition to crying, she actually paid me back right away with all the blessings that she could shower me with at that point … like ‘may we see each other soon’ etc and we did lol

  4. There is nothing more precious to a mother than her child’s expressions of gratitude. It is not expected, and because of that it warms & comforts the heart so deeply. You put it all together so beautifully.

  5. This is a wonderful poem and provides a wonderful experience just reading through it! It is direct, yet so warm and comfortable.

    One suggestion: consider making this section a little stronger:

    “You give me such security and comfort
    Fill my life with joy,peace and undying love
    No matter what mistakes you are always there for me
    You kill my insecurities and rejuvenate my mind”

    The word “kill” seems to break the wonderful tone of the poem already established. Also the close proximity of “security” and “insecurities” and “undying” and “kill” tend to weaken the strong forward flow of the poem.

    For example, something like

    “You give me such security and comfort
    Fill my life with joy,peace and undying love
    No matter what mistakes, you are always there for me
    You remove my self-doubt and rejuvenate my mind”

    keeps the poem moving forward — so you may consider if you really mean “kill” and “insecurity” here or if there are other words that align better with your attention.

    Your minimal puncuation is very effective. You might consider adding a comma between “mistakes” and “you” in the third line of the extracted section above.

    Thanks so much for posting this wonderful poem!

  6. I love the sincerity and openness of this poem. Your Mom is lucky to have you as you express your love and appreciation to her and so many don’t (to their own parents). Has she read it? What was her response?

    • i called her and read it to her.. and she cried..lol.. she loved it.. :-).. i just think we should always show our appreciation to our parents because sometimes they don’t feel like we appreciate them.. thanx for coming by.. 😀

  7. You two are lucky to have one another. I felt emotional when reading this because in so many ways it reminds me of my mom =) Its quite sweet and inspiring the way you made that poem, I can tell your mother is a magnificent woman and you an amazing daughter. =)

  8. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

    u also reminded me of the amaaaaaazing song of the GREAT Celine Dion, “goodbye’s the saddest word”

    there’s no other, love like a mother’s. love for her child, and it hurts sooooooo, love so strong, one day it’ll be gone, must say goodbyeeeeeee
    goodbye is the saddest word i’ll ever hear, goodbye is the last time i’ll hold u near, one day u;ll say the word and i’d cry
    it’d break my heart to hear u say goodbyeeeeeee

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