The Kiss Of A Temptress

From the beginning of time
She walked on a cloud of bliss
Like the night sky her eyes glisten 
Like the long silk slip her hair falls velvety over her shoulders
Her soft bosom plum and ripe, perfectly ready for her aficionado
Her soft skin one shade more appealing than the rays of the sun
Her garb wrapped around her like the vines of a lustful tree
Her feet as supple as a new born baby’s tush 
When she talks its like a melody taken from the songs of the springs
Heaving you closer as she wraps you in a trance of her words
Drowsing your mind with her fumes of allure
A rosy bruise appears from the lines where her fingers caress you
With her pouty lips she will give you the kiss of your demise
Sucking the existence and light out of you leaving only shadows of dusk
Leaving only stiff lifeless oozing darkness

45 thoughts on “The Kiss Of A Temptress

  1. Hey …not fair. I forgot about the title when I got all caught up in the descriptive writing. Then the crusher… the ending. I’ve got to pay more attention to titles. Very nice 🙂

  2. sigh. I’ve known women like that… described them so well I relived their sucking the life out of my marriage…which equals evidence of GREAT POETRY!!!! 🙂

  3. Elyas Mulu Kiros, its very true that it does take 2 to tango, so they are both to blame, but on this piece i just wanted to show that there are women out in the world who sting way much more and much dangerously than other normal females.. 🙂

  4. i must admit i was sooooooooooooo taken!!!!! but the last lines shocked me 😀 how could be such beauty and seductive temptress be an angel of death 🙂 ?
    i so admire ur words 🙂

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