Tales Of A Traded Little Girl.. part 1

The houses reveal faces

The ground reveal footsteps

The grass reveal the beauty mother earth gave to us
The blue chilled sky reveal the intoxicating atmosphere
The chippy songs sangs by the birds of paradise serenade
The rivers splash water flowing drowning out the screams
Blood drips from the top of the ceiling slowly
Soft sobs are all around the room as the they are too exhausted and scared to cry
Her fingers are bloody from all the nail chewing
She looks down at her stinky dress
Trying to remember how long its been since she bathed or even had a drop of water
By now her dress its clinging to her like a ghost which does not understand “NO”
Suddenly the door slams open and her heart jumps plummets into her tummy
Tears start flowing hot down her cheek as she starts saying a silent prayer under her breath
“please don’t let it be me, please don’t let it be me, please not today”
Footsteps start walking slowly towards her….
To be continued…….

28 thoughts on “Tales Of A Traded Little Girl.. part 1

  1. Sad, so sad and the saddest part is that it’s very true for many little “traded” girls in the world. God help us to stop human trafficing! Great post Aby! Peace and love, Teresa

  2. So dark and transparent. Her emotions clearly displayed in shocking detail. I find after reading it there is a lump in my throat and and my heart is beating faster out of the fear I just shared. Very well done and I will be looking for part two.

    • thank you so much, you know i just wanted to try and show what these little girls are going through in a very raw manner,i will be putting up part 2 soon.. 🙂 thanx for coming by..

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the mysteryyyyyyy 😀
    it reminds me i need to take a bath in this freeeeezing cold weather 😀 which is impossible 😀 but i will try,,,,now off to part 2 🙂

    • hahahaha!! i have heard many things that my poems remind people to do.. but iv never heard anyone saying that it reminds them to take a shower :-D.. this series was very close to my heart and i wrote it with tears streaming down my face..lol

  4. 😦 i gotta tell u afrer reading the whole seriesm u r my hero 😀
    when i come back from bootcamp i will search through ur poems again for inspiration 🙂
    i wanna write more poems like theeeeeese 😀

  5. “please don’t let it be me, please don’t let it be me, please not today”
    the pleas from tiny hearts just so very sad… i hope their IS a god who hears those prayers

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