Mental Rubik’s Cube

When i was young i use to dream of ponies and paradise
Of living in a world filled with love, happiness and faith
All my problems could be washed away  by a simple kiss from my mother
I used to paint the world as i wanted it to be
Or write a story about the goodness and purity of life
The grayness or blueness of the exquisite sky
I would stay up all night thinking about being loved by that special man
We would take a stroll on the beach, with the sunset glowing in the background
The soft sea breeze would serenade our minds as we are closed off from the rest of the world
I would sit up by my bedroom window and write in my diary about all the stupid little things that were roaming in my naive young mind
I would dream about a world were there is no war, no revenge, hate or argument
A world were humans don’t fight because of religion, race, social class or any other little petty thing
At the smallest sight of any sadness, any pain in the world, i would cry all night because i just could not understand it
Oh how i was young and full of dreams, ambition, happiness and hope
As i sit here looking back at the past, i now see how my mind has been polluted by the world, by politics, by people
No longer do i wait for my knight in shinning amour, my prince, my superman
No more do i still hope for unconditional love, for paradise, for happiness, for peace in the world
No longer am i an inspired butterfly willing to spread my wings and explore the beautiful world
Now i see that all that is left in the world is the present..
And i don’t cry no more
Sometimes i wish i still had the innocence and naivety of a child that i was
All that i’m left with is my mental Rubik’s cube

Heartfelt Goodbye From My 11year old Niece

This is a poem, or should i say something my 11 year old niece wrote for me 3 years ago when i was leaving home to go to university in a different continent, to her it seemed like a world away..So i just dug it up today after talking to her on my phone and thought i should post it.. 🙂

Iv been thinking about this day since you told me your big news
That you will be leaving me to go far away to school
What i will say at our last parting
Your joking with me was our way of bonding,connecting
We always knew we were closer than everyone else
And everyday i came from a rather boring day in school
I would tell you all that happened,even the tiniest bits
And i would look at you through out to see if you were bored listening to me
But you never were, it seemed like everything i was saying was the most interesting news you had ever heard
And today the mood is just different, today your mind is elsewhere as i tell you my usual daily experiences
And it just hit me, tomorrow will be our the day you leave
I know i should be happy for you, but all i can think about is you not being there for me at the end of the day to listen to my stories
I never like saying goodbye to people i love, but for you i will tell you this is not goodbye
Simply see you later
So i will hug you tightly and then let you walk away, but know that you should go and not look back at me
Because you will find me crying as i already miss you
I feel like some one is cutting my heart in 2 and taking the other half with them
Please don’t forget about me in your new life and always know that i love you very much Aunty..
And when you come back it will be like you never left..

What Ever Happened To Chivalry..??

What ever happened to chivalry
When a man would sing a Shakespeare sonnet to the woman he is wooing
When a man would write a soppy love letter and put it under his love’s door then graciously wait for her response
When he meets her, he would take her hand and gently kiss her soft Dorsum
When he would tell her “you are my sunshine, i look at you and i would rather than look at all the portraits in the world”
When a man would plant a whole garden of roses for her just so that every day she knows how much more beautiful than them she is
When she cries he would embrace her in his strong arms and rock her back and forth until she was all cried out
His kiss would be the most intoxicating and invigorating experience of her life
And the love making..ooh the love making …
He would ravage her until she was sore and her body would pulsate with shivers of pleasure
And on those days that she would be doubting his love
He would stroke her hair from her face, gently hold her face between his hands,look her straight in the eyes, and tell her 
“i love you so much i would,Cross the seven seas,battle through the snow,climb every mountain side and declare my love to you to everyone i meet on the way”
..Like i said before..Is chivalry dead??..

Why So Sad…

Sitting by my desk
gazing out at the horizon
Watching as the raindrops drip on the window
Trying to figure out what’s wrong
And then it hits me
For a long time now happiness has eluded me
I catch glimpses of happy faces and memories
Do i even remember what makes me smile
For the life of me i just can’t work it out
Is it sparkly diamonds given to a mistress by a jilted lover
Is it the soft sounds of a wailing baby
Is it the promotion a hard working woman get after years of missing her daughter’s bedtime stories
I want to find a solution for this more than i want to breath
More than i want to exist

A Journey To Your Heart

I want to go on a trip
For tonight shall be the night i engrave my name on your heart
I want to fill your heart with pure stunning love
I want to feel your breath feeling like a ghost’s whisper on my bare shoulder
To feel your heart pulsating with blood
For this night i feel hollow and need you to satiate me with your passion
This night i will follow you to the ends of the world just to have a slight taste of you
I will wrestle the dragons, the beasts and any other creature to reach you
I will surrender myself for you to do as you please with me
And when you are finished i shall let you devour me again
And when we are done my name shall be carved forever on your heart
Then I will nest on your heart for all eternity
And thus my journey shall be complete

Substitute Lover..

Tonight i want more
Something more than fervor
Do you really love me underneath all the insatiable sex
Your breath feels like a ghost’s whisper
As we dig deeper and deeper
I thought you were my prince charming, sent to save me
Constantly charming and seductive with your slippery tongue
Coming into my life just when i needed you
Showering me with attention,pearls and diamonds
But always going back to her
Telling me you will leave her when the right time comes
Telling me that she is nothing compared to me
My heart shrieks with pain at the thought of you with her
Do you lay your hands on her the way you do me
Do you nibble on her fingers the way you do mine
Do you gulp from her open veins of love the way you drain mine
I guess i got exactly what i asked for
What i wanted so dreadfully
But tonight i want something more
Tonight i don’t want just pleasure because it leaves me bare
I won’t settle for just the thrill
So this is my notice to you
Because i will be your substitute lover no more

A Mother’s Love

This is just a little something i wrote for my wonderful mom, this is her birthday month so i just wanted her to know how much i appreciate her.. 🙂

I remember when you used to give me a bike ride everyday in the sunshine

I fell and scrapped my knee and you healed it with your loving kiss
I remember when i came home one day crying because the other kids made fun of my petite body 
And you wrapped me in your usual warm embrace telling me that they are just jealous because i’m so pretty 🙂
I still remember all those late nights you spent helping me with my home work even though you had to work early because you wanted me to have a bright future
I remember when you could do no wrong, you came home from work and I jumped in your arms because i was so happy to see you
I remember when i left you to go to college and you were in tears because of the separation that would be forced upon us
Because of your love, i overcame the worst catastrophes in my life
You give me such security and comfort
Fill my life with joy,peace and undying love
No matter what mistakes you are always there for me
You kill my insecurities and rejuvenate my mind
You understand my misery and shield me from all harm
I  treasure every single moment i have with you
That’s why i want you to know Mom,
Without you there would be no me
And i am proud and thankful to call you my mother
Because in this world there is and will never be anyone I love more than you 

The Kiss Of A Temptress

From the beginning of time
She walked on a cloud of bliss
Like the night sky her eyes glisten 
Like the long silk slip her hair falls velvety over her shoulders
Her soft bosom plum and ripe, perfectly ready for her aficionado
Her soft skin one shade more appealing than the rays of the sun
Her garb wrapped around her like the vines of a lustful tree
Her feet as supple as a new born baby’s tush 
When she talks its like a melody taken from the songs of the springs
Heaving you closer as she wraps you in a trance of her words
Drowsing your mind with her fumes of allure
A rosy bruise appears from the lines where her fingers caress you
With her pouty lips she will give you the kiss of your demise
Sucking the existence and light out of you leaving only shadows of dusk
Leaving only stiff lifeless oozing darkness

Tales Of A Traded Little Girl..finale

As she sprinted across the hard  pavement barefoot
Her sun deprived skin greatly soaking in all the blazing heat
She could hear all the yelling and screaming coming from the house
This made her run  faster than her small legs could take her
Before she knew it she was in the bustling streets 
Rushing past the busy morning workers on their daily routine
Not even noticing a broken little girl hobbling past them
Suddenly she crashed onto a young woman with a baby
Dropped on her knees and broke down into long awaited tears
Letting out all the ache,terror,fatigue and delight of freedom out
The woman, not knowing what to do, put her baby in the stroller,wrapped her in a tight embrace and cradled her small body
She wept for what seemed line an eternity until only small shivers of aftershock ran through her body
Knowing that in this woman’s arms she had found refuge
As she rested her head on the woman’s soft bosoms she knew that she had found a home
And from that day on the two of them set out to destroy the men who tortured her
The woman vowed that she would go to the ends of the world if that’s what it took, to make them pay for breaking her precious little girl’s soul

Tales Of A Traded Little Girl… Part 3

As she crouched behind the door 
Waiting for the sun to rise 
Waiting for the routine dulling of the senses
The adrenalin running through her veins
She could already taste the trepidation with in her
The door slammed open and just as the ugly scarface walked in the room
She thrust her knee onto his crotch
As he dropped onto a fatal position she grabbed his gun and flew past him
 Passing the other rooms and hearing the revolting moans of men
Knowing very well what the other girls in the room were enduring
She could not wait to be out of the house of torture
Ahead of her was a big red door, and just as she was about to reach it
A big creepy man stood in front of it, grinning with teeth as yellow as corn
She came to a  rigid halt,dread and anxiety consuming her
She looked all around her for an escape route, then suddenly remembered she had a gun at hand
She slowly lifted it up aiming towards the man as he stride slowly towards her
Then she suddenly started running on the opposite direction were she saw light coming in from the only exposed window
As she got closer and closer to the window she started shooting
With the creepy man right on her toes she jumped through the window head first 
And instantly felt the warmth and light of the sun on her cold blood spattered skin…
The forth and concluding part of this mini series will be coming soon.. 🙂