Hot Summer Day

I saw you on a hot summer day

Your eyes were glistening with desire and longing

As handsome as a knight riding his horse ever waving an eager sword
Strikingly tall and proud  
Your sun kissed skin shinning as the water droplets drip from your wet body
The moment you touched my hand i knew  you were going to be trouble
Your sweet embrace took my breath away
As you turned around and said ” you intoxicate me”
I felt a shiver travel down my spine
As you moved your lips from mine to the nape of my neck
And your hands in a soft caress to the small of my back
My eyes shut tight as I felt a shudder with in me
You knocked my headlights out.. 
And then I heard you call my name..over and over and over you called me
Until my eyes flew open and you disappeared into foggy nothingness
I can still feel your rose like lips on mine as i move my finger over them
Your soft fingertips touching my bare skin
How could it have been a dream….

28 thoughts on “Hot Summer Day

  1. Oh but those are the good dreams aren’t they? Although disappointing to awake from, lol. I got my knight in reality, but you already knew that didn’t you 🙂 Good post! I really liked it. Hugs, Teresa

    • Thanks Teresa, and yup i already know that you have your knight.. and im very happy for you.. a dream like this is the worst to wake up from because it feels so great.. 😀

    • Lol.. im guessing you are a guy huh.. thats good though that you see yourself as the knight.. :-D.. im glad you enjoyed it.. and thanx for visiting… 😀

  2. Thank you for taking a look at my work, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I really enjoyed this. Dream poems are some of my favorites. Keep up the good work.

    • im glad you enjoyed this.. i also like dream poems because its a world you make up for yourself, it can either turn out wonderful or frightening..i hope to see you back here soon.. 🙂

  3. Very good.

    I am undecided if the jolt that “You knocked my headlights out.. ” is just the perfect contrast or not right in this context. Is it just the right device to make clear to the reader this doesn’t take place in the time of knights and is in modern times? Or does it break the mood? I just can’t quite decide.

    What made you choose such a strong industrial image in such a pastoral poem?

  4. oh yes, the power of a word, can capture the bravest men and the stone cold women 🙂 they r magical 🙂
    My eyes shut tight as I felt a shudder with in me
    You knocked my headlights out..
    like if u had a car accident 😀 heheh kidding, god forbid 🙂

      • i see u have a thing for knights in shiny armors and sweaty guys 😀 cant deny that some girls fall for the scent of a man 😀 “hell yeah” 😀 like we fall for a scent of a woman 😀 “Al Pacino” style 😀
        but her scent would be those intoxicating perfumes she wears 🙂

      • very, and all women love a man who can come and safe them from all things and knights are the dreams of all women, and sweaty ragged men ( but not ones who smell bad lol) are the fantasies of all women!! 😀

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