Black Heart

Imperfection caresses my soul
Darkness looms above my heart
Some think it is pure and white
Some believe it has shades of the rainbow painted all over it
None really know the truth
The terror with in me
Hidden in the middle of the chaos
The beauty of the darkness is unimaginable
Yet i am so scared to look within
To embrace the darkness with in my being
Black as the dark night of the soul
As i try to open up for the light to go in
I feel it plummeting into my stomach
Light does not shine through
All that is left is a shriveling heart
As the last thought drifts into my mind
All that is left is emptiness

25 thoughts on “Black Heart

  1. This is a beautiful piece of writing. I feel darkness in me and sometimes I love it, Sometimes I am scared by it.

    Not the darkness as such, what it might mean fo rme if I let go into it.

    It is like a black hole – attractive and scary. I might lose myself and never get out.I also have a sense that the darkness/emptiness is my soul/who I really am.

    In Masonic rituals, they say that the “light of a freemason is darkness made visible.”

    I think this is true of all of us. That our deepest darkness and emptiness has a luminosity. This luminosity shows in your writing.

    • OOHH.. thank you so much.. you got exactly what i was trying to convey.. i am very glad you like it..i like your sentence, “our deepest darkness and emptiness has a luminosity”..:-D

  2. If we didn’t have those dark moments and dark times in our lives, we would never appreciate the light. The poem gave me something to think about. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much.. we do have dark thoughts sometimes, and for some people it ends up ruining their lives as their dark thoughts consume their lives and they let them fester.. thank you for coming by.. 🙂

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