Love Dazed

Im not sure how im feeling today
I guess i hate the way people look at me when they ask about you
I hate the way they sound when they talk to me about you
I hate the fact that i always have to lie about us
I hate the fact that things have changed so much
And worst of all the fact that you dont even realize that things have changed
I should not be feeling sad when i think of you, but that is the only feeling i get now
Anxiety mixed with sorrow and misery
Im not sure who is to blame, or even if anyone is to blame
But i just dont know anymore
Everyone used to be so envious of us
Of how we got on so well
How much we loved each other
How we did not care what anyone else thought about us
How we would do anything to be together
But now all they feel is pity for us
I guess what i can say is i’m confused by my love for you…
And i dont know how to counter the confusion..

21 thoughts on “Love Dazed

  1. So much of that going on right now, confusion seems to be the order of the day 😦 Life should be so much simpler or at least we wish it was. Good post but sadness flows all through it, I’m sorry. Peace be with you, I pray, Teresa

    • Thnk you Teresa as always, everything would be much much easier if the world was free from confusion and life was simpler, but unfortunately that’s not the case, hopefully the confusion will clear someday.. 😀

  2. I wish you moments of less confusion,warm smiles and LOVE.
    Time has a way of making all things go away that distract us.

  3. Yea, life would be simpler without confusion, but at the same time, without it this poem couldn’t have existed. Luckily there are as many positives in the world as there are negatives, and you being able to shape your negatives in a beautiful and creative way is one of those positives.

    • Thank you so much, and i do agree with you, if the negatives in the world didn’t exist then lots of thing wouldn’t have been achieved. 😀 thanx for visiting. 😀

    • Thank you, and yes its true love never fails, sooner or later it always wins. And good things come to those who wait right, :-D.. and a wonderful day right back at you.. 😉

  4. …. has recently let me down because of the materialism of my partner, who I still love but who is miles away now. They ask me about her but I don’t lie to them, if I need to say anything they are offered my theories as I am not sure she has told me the truth. One is left in limbo, hanging motionless, wanting time to reverse ! But it will not and so trudge on and know you are not the only one.
    (I subscribed to your blog OK?)

    • Thank you for subscribing.. :-D.. Im sorry you were let down by your partner, its good to know i am not alone.. but i do hope that you find a way to move on and find some1 else to love. 🙂

  5. envy!!! why do people have to always envy what they dont have? why cant they be just grateful of what they have and hope for the best ?
    as we say here “people dont leave other people alone”

    on another subject u said u know a lot of arabs and egyptians 🙂 exactly where are u from and where are u now 😀 ?and where did u met them 😀 ?

    • hahaha.. i’m from a small country called Botswana, i live in Malaysia, that’s where i have met a lot of arabs and Egyptians, i am currently dating an Egyptian also, but thats very complicated..:-D

      • Botswana is in africa 😀 cool 😀 we live in the same continent 😀
        and malysia is a nice country 😀
        good for u dating an egyptian 😀 😉 winks 😀
        why it’s complicated 😀 i wanna know more 😀 hhehehe

      • hahahaha.. relationships are always complicated, and yes Botswana is in Africa, Malaysia is a very beautiful country, but i’m kind of tired of it, i need a new place.. 😀

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