Love Dazed

Im not sure how im feeling today
I guess i hate the way people look at me when they ask about you
I hate the way they sound when they talk to me about you
I hate the fact that i always have to lie about us
I hate the fact that things have changed so much
And worst of all the fact that you dont even realize that things have changed
I should not be feeling sad when i think of you, but that is the only feeling i get now
Anxiety mixed with sorrow and misery
Im not sure who is to blame, or even if anyone is to blame
But i just dont know anymore
Everyone used to be so envious of us
Of how we got on so well
How much we loved each other
How we did not care what anyone else thought about us
How we would do anything to be together
But now all they feel is pity for us
I guess what i can say is i’m confused by my love for you…
And i dont know how to counter the confusion..