Coping with the loss of friends

Iv lost so much in my life

So much love
So much opportunity
So much excitement and adventure
People are supposed to come and go
For me that was a daily occurrence
Untill i met the 3 most wonderful girls in the world
Before them i had no friends
Jessica, Pamela and Yara
It was raining on the day that we met
13 years ago
4 little girls pulled together by our vast differences
Jessica, a blond Canadian brainiac who spoke no Setswana what so ever
Aisha, a Malawian Muslim loner who was afraid to talk to anyone else
Yara, a brazilian beauty whose only english words where “hello” and “goodbye”
And me, well i was never generally liked by anyone from anywhere for reasons beyond my understanding
And there we where, all waiting for our parents to pick us up not knowing what a lifelong bond we were forming
from that day on we were inseparable, we played together, we talked about our crushes together
We even applied to Universities together
And that was the time we all went our separate ways for the first time in our 8 years of friendship
Even though we all went to different Universities in different countries
Jessica in Canada, Aisha in The USA and Yara in Italy
We still stayed close,
Until a year ago
When Jessica and Yara decided to go to Brazil, where they contracted some kind of disease
It was like the dominoes effect
First went Jessica
Two weeks later Yara
And now, a year after that Aisha
All that is left is me
Im so alone, without them i am forever alone
Losing someone you love is never easy
I will never have such great friends as them
They stood by me through anything and everything
Never judging me for my mistakes
Never fearing that they would be social Piraeus by being my friends
For that i will always be grateful for them
For their unconditional love
For them i will thank god they have been in my life for as long as they were..

18 thoughts on “Coping with the loss of friends

  1. Never alone, one simply retreats into the cave of grief or the paranoia of a distortion mirror. I have been disabled since childhood and spent most of that time alone but on my insistance not wanting to be a dead weight for my family. Relationships have come and gone, but I will always have friends and neighbours who can take me in short doses, but if I don’t go out or behave negatively I know it will only alienate people more, so don’t fall into those traps
    …with respect, dave

  2. Oh baby girl, I am so glad that I decided to visit you today. I’ve been trying to distract myself all day from my worries and your post reminded me that we all carry burdens, pain and grief in our hearts. It just comes from different sources. I appreciate you sharing your raw emotions and I just wanted to say that you are not alone. I know you know He is always with you, but you’ve got a friend here too! I wish I was there to hug you right now, but I’m not so I’ll do it in cyber-space, lol. Great post and God bless you, Teresa

    • Thank you so much Teresa, i wasn’t sure at first if i wanted to share this with everyone, but in the end i decided to,.. And thanx for the cyber hug.. :-D.. i am cyber hugging you right back.. 😀

  3. a brazilian yara ?????/ impossible
    yara is a pure arabic name 🙂 lots of girls in here are yara

    am sorry for ur loss btw, may u meet many more other friends and they might be as great as them 🙂

    • hahaha.. thanks, but yeah, Yara is also a Brazilian name.. 😀 as for now i am like trying not to make friends so much because losing the ones that i did was so hard for me. :-).. but hopefully some time in the future i will make some friends. 😀

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