Pain..Unbearable Pain..

Pain- unbearable

Pain- horrible strong feelings

Pain- unforgettable

I hide the pain behind the smile on my face

The unbearable pain

I keep deep inside

The horrible, strong feelings

Eating through my flesh

The unforgettable pain


The pain is so strong

It’s like taking a knife

Stabbing and twisting it

Into my flesh


Fighting the pain

The tears

The battle to keep a smile on my face


Killing me


Eating me away

pain is what i go through everyday

pain is just being me

pain hurts once its in you

pain is painful

pain makes you sufer

pain makes you want to cry

pain makes you want to scream

pain takes control

pain makes others hate you

pain makes you mad

pain makes you want to hide or runaway

pain wont let you sleep

Obsessing over the pain wont get you anywhere

So never let the pain rule your life…like it does so many others