Lost In Me

Who am i?

Who did i used to be
Am i the same person i was when you met me
Or did something in me disappear
Was i once a jolly carefree creature
Was i once a social out loud person
Did i once have hopes and dreams about the future
Did i once have talents beyond my understanding
Or was this all a torturous dream
Because now all that i see when i look in the mirror
Is a blank stare
A person i cant recognize
A quite girl who is retreating into herself
What do you do if you lost something you are not even sure existed
How can you try to find something that you don’t even see
Deep inside me is a different person waiting to be unleashed
Bound by chains and shackles
Trapped in a non existent state
All that she sees is darkness
No light to lead the way out of the prison
And i can’t do anything to help her
For she is me
And i am lost in myself…

19 thoughts on “Lost In Me

  1. Nice. But you know as I said before you need to move on. Your poems are very nice and express your feelings superbly. Here is something I came across
    “Add Life to you Days,
    Not Days to your Life”
    It was mentioned to someone in a similar situation.

  2. being lost in urslef is better than losing urself, for we all have our moments of self doubts and we r not sure who we are any more, but sometimes it’s a transition phase we all go through. but never lose urself

      • iup because losing urself is being someone completely different from ur true self 🙂 but hopefully as u said we’d find ourselves sooner rather than later 🙂

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