You can say what you want

But i’ll never let you get on my case

When life gets hectic who do i have

I’m i able to continue with things the way they are

What boundaries do i have to break to continue

How do i make change happen

What does the change entail

Who do i keep in my life

Who do i get rid of

How will my life change since i have no feeling anyone

How do i deal with defeat

How come i’m writing instead of drawing

How come this is the only way to express my feelings

How come i have no hope of a better life?

A happier life

How do i make them understand to not expect anything from me anymore

How do i not care about life anymore

Things which used to hurt are hurting less and less lately

As long as i don’t try,nothing can go wrong and no one can hurt me

I really should try but i just don’t give a danm anymore

I feel a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders!!

I feel free for the first time in a long time

No more trying for me.. just acceptance…


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